Hi, I’m Cameron.

In 2019 I came to the realisation that I wasn’t in a happy place, considering where my life was at. I was trapped in a spiral with depression as to where I was with my career, with my ambitions for the future and with the state of my mental health.

I blew my savings left, right and centre. I often found myself associated with individuals who were terrible for my own well-being & often self-sabotaged my own dreams and aspirations as I refused to accept any love or admiration I had for myself.

The March 2020 came about. A global pandemic swept across the world and, among the millions living within the UK, I soon found myself in a national lockdown for four months. Confinded within my parents house, I began to reflect on my life and set out goals and change that needed to be made.

For the first time in my life, I began to discover peace that I had never before experienced. I began to value things that I had often overlooked and failed to cherish. And I learned that when the world strips you of the things you often relied on so heavily, it can be a huge benefit towards personal growth.

And that’s where I find myself now: adopting minimalism into my life so that I can transform into a more positive human being.

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